Engaging the leaders

Engaging the tough to engage 8th graders in an advisory activity has been a struggle. First of all I have 9 eighth graders out of 21 students. A few of 8th graders have started the year with really poor attitudes and refuse to participate in any activity.  UGH! The attitude is catching on with the other 8th graders, I think it is the middle school version of senioritis. This morning, however, I was able to come up with and activity that engaged all of the students. I try and have a STEM day each week where they can play with the Ollie and sphero, etc.  Today I brought out glasses that I had bought at Goodwill and challenged them to make them “sing”. Some of the students were able to do it right away, the ones who couldn’t worked at it the whole 25 minutes. I was happy to see the engagement and perseverance from all of them. I think it will add to our follow up discussion on relevance next week.

This activity was inspired by my crazy family (who can never be trusted to behave in public with glassware) and the movie Miss Congeniality. 

Here is our first day’s attempt!





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